United Kingdom
Lillian Perkins
Expierence: professional
Photo types: advertisment fashion glamour
Expierence of work: photosessions show cinema bodyart advertisment in magazines advertisment in catalogues makeup cosmetics makeup hairdresses exhibitions

We are committed to building strong, trusted long-term relationships with our clients and our models. We are, and always have been, a personable UK model agency in Manchester that has earned an enviable reputation for providing genuine and timely advice and consultation to its clients.

We have a caring and responsible attitude to the health and welfare of all our models and help guide and shape their long-term careers. We take the time to know all of them as much as we can. Consequently, our highly experienced bookers can make positive recommendations based on sound, in-depth knowledge of the models and their capabilities.

Our goal is to be seen as the model agency by which others are measured - in the standards of personal service and support we offer to clients and models alike

Areas covered include TV, film, press, runway, editorial and catalogues. SF provide a true understanding of their client? needs due to the comprehensive experience of working alongside leading art directors, casting agents, fashion editors and directors, photographers, PR companies and in-house marketing departments

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