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Dear visitor, if you are looking for a makeup artist studio in the traditional sense of this notion you won’t be able to find it at this site. But don’t leave immediately because even though we use new methods in our work you can still get contact details of great makeup artists, and if you are one yourself you will quickly get job offers.

Since now Internet is used basically everywhere you can either find the service you need or someone who might need your services with the help of your computer. This includes all the services that are usually provided by a traditional makeup artist studio, such as ordering a specialist to work at your home or hotel.

For all of that you will only need a computer with Internet connection and a database with information about high quality professionals available in either near your home or anywhere you might need to have your makeup done.

As we have such database it means that you have finally found your goal! The geography of the database we have is constantly expanding and very soon we will be able to boast with professionals from every large city of any country.

If you work with us we will help you with your makeup in every part of the globe and you wouldn’t have to worry about your appearance or waste your time looking for a makeup artist studio. We test all of our agents and can guarantee high quality.

To start working with us you only have to register at our site as a model or a makeup artist and upload your portfolio.

Good luck to everyone!

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Makeup artist studio

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