- No spam.

You can't spam at parademodels. Other way, your account will be deleted. There is button "spam", near to messages and comments. So you can mark message or comment as spam. If some people make the same thing, message or comment will be deleted. And the user will recieve the prevention.

- The severe criticism.

We don't like any severe or rude criticism of other user or their photos\videos. If you see something like it, you should complain of comment. If some more people do the same, comment will be deleted.

- No insults

You should not insult other user at this site. Otherwise, your account will be deleted. If you see a message or a comment where insult is, click "complain"

- No pornography or violence

You should't upload photo or video where scenes of pornography or violence are. Otherwise, your account will be deleted. If you see photo\video with pornography or violence, you should complain.

- Nothing illegal

When uploading photo\video, filling personal information, sending message ent. remember, that all you do must be lawful.

- Erotic photos

Suck photos probably will be deleted. Moderator can delete photos without explaination. It can happen if you don't follow the rules of our site.

- Be professional.

Please, behave professionally, address politely with other users of parademodels, be fair.

- Copyrights.

All information located on parademodels is protected by copyrights. If you wish to use information from parademodels you are obliged to specify an information source.

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