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Dear guest, we are happy to invite you at the glamour girl magazine webpage of our site. Although we are not quite a magazine we hope that here you will find the information you need, which might meet your interests to a greater extent.

Unlike regular glamour girl magazine where you can see only one or two photos, at our site you can view the whole photo album and check out any model’s portfolio. You will also find out all the information about a model like her weight, heights, shoe and clothes size, hair color etc.

Besides that you will find out other information which models put in the resumes, the one you aren’t likely to find in a regular glamour girl magazine.

By registering at our site you may add any of the girls or the men to your friend list or list of favorites (you will need their approval) and even communicate with them with the help of our site (we are still working on this feature). In the nearest future we are planning to create a forum where you will be able to ask any questions about models and create collective discussions about models and modeling business.

If you would like to try your hand at modeling you can always use the services of our stylists, make-up artists, photographers and photoshop specialists.

We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation with you. Good luck.

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Glamour girl magazine

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