Clothing designer
Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun
Age: 34
Expierence: professional
Photo types: fashion art
Expierence of work: photosessions show makeup cosmetics makeup hairdresses
Additional services: clothes demonstration show programmes makeup

Ayo van Elmar is one of a kind, its strengths are rooted in exploring the beauty of afrocentric fabrics and creating exquisite styles for the woman who is liberal,
who is cosmopolitan,
who is open-minded and
the woman who believes that elegance knows no bound.
For the woman in you, who embraces going beyond borders to add a fine touch of difference to your wardrobe.

Because you are a unique woman, our pieces are limited to a maximum number of three that differ from one another in sizes.
So that when you own an Ayo van Elmar, you enjoy the "feel" within your heart that you are a unique being and you can walk with your head up high because you surely stand out!

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