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Eco-Luxury Salon Hair Care - RARE EL’EMENTS

Rare Elements began as a simple and distinct hair collection, and has quickly
become one of the most respected names in hair care.
This exotic and unique brand was not just created for luxury as much as it was a
necessity. Former salon owners John Amato of Amato Beverly Hills and model Teri LaVerne,
experienced firsthand the effects caused from the styling demands the beauty industry puts
on the condition of the hair. Their passion to finding an alternative to camouflaging the damage
with the temporary fix of synthetic ingredients caused them to boldly push forward and
revolutionize the hair care industry.
This new take on hair care would bridge the gap between salon-professional and
natural hair care lines by ultimately proving that you don’t have to sacrifice performance
when it comes to using natural ingredients. Together they set out to perfect and
simplify the daily regime and developed a customized hair care system that
would impart the scalp and hair with the proper nourishment it needs. The condition
of the hair is improved through the perfect fusion of natural ingredients that help
restore moisture, stimulate, protect, repair and strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Strategically grouping nourishing botanicals, nutrient-rich nut oils, moisture boosting rain-forest
butters and the calming notes of essential fragrances they created three outstanding color preserving products that would target the specific needs of the entertainment world and more importantly the individual needs of today’s Eco-Chic generation.

Now for the first time Rare Elements is sharing their secret to beautiful, healthy, ageless hair
and offering their collection at select retail boutiques, resort spa’s and professional
salons. We invite you to experience the luxury of Rare Elements from around the world.

WEBSITE - Enter The World Of Rare Elements http://www.rare-[...]

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