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Ms. Nia
Expierence: professional
Photo types: advertisment glamour
Expierence of work: makeup hairdresses

I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 7 years of experience specializing in healthy hair care and much more! Currently, I am a personal hair stylist in Chicago IL with an expanding clientele base.

To learn more about price range of services provided, please visit my [...] page at [...]/NiaBlalock.

My passion is to satisfy each and every one of my clients and providing them with the best hair care service, which is why I use and LOVE PERFECT HAIR WEAVE.!!! For a free consultation, please contact me at (312) 428-0420 or via email at [...].

Also, see the list of some hair services offered:

• Blow Dry and Style
• Press and Style (Light)
• Press and Style (Hard)
• Flat Iron
• Full/Virgin Relaxer
• Touch Up/Edge Up
• Texturizer
• Perm
• Rod/Roller Set
• French Braids
• Braids w/Extensions
• Individual Plats
• ( End Trim )
• Deep Conditioner

Hot Oil Treatment

• Swimmers Treatment
• Twisties (half)
• Twisties (whole)
• Spiral Curls (half)
• Spiral Curls (whole)
• Mohawk Spiral Curls
• Krimps (half)
• Krimps (whole)
• Braid Removal (K.K)
• Braid Removal (others)
• Additional Layers (layer)
• Long Extensions
• Ext. Braid Through
• Small Braids
• (Consultation) Box Braid

Hair Cut Services

• Clipper Cuts
• Scissor Cuts
• Lining
• Shampoo
• Mohawk
• Trim

Cell: 312.428.0420

Email: [...]

Website: [...]/niablalock

Twitter: @NiasHairDesigns

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