Joe-Oliveira / M-The Unknown Element by Joe Oliveira

This clip features a making of of a fashion shoot for a young, up and coming fashion designer, Janice Louise Miller. After receiving scores of compliments, questions and requests about my artwork, I thought it would be fun to invite people behind the scene. From start to finish, a conceptual photo shoot can be a little challenging, consisting of many interconnecting aspects. Typically, it all begins with a theme. For this shoot, the designer wanted to touch on the subject of environmental issues given that her fashions are created from re-purposed materials. Seven composite images were produced tugging on this theme. As far as the title is considered, M-The Unknown Element is not an allusion to Miller as a fashion designer yet to be discovered. Unlike the theme carried throughout the final images of the photo shoot, this clip takes a different direction in which M suggests Mystery in an alchemical sense. Models: Naomi Chastity Chevy Youra Sparkle Pixie Natascha MUA: Christina Avila Hair: Chastity Chevy Natascha Designer: Janice Louise Miller

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